Virtual reality

VR abstract


and interactive experiences

Through virtual reality (VR) it’s possible to simulate digitally an environment where the user can interact.

The experiences are immersive because the environment can be explored through movement, and they are interactive because virtual objects can be controlled through specific peripherals (controllers, joysticks, gloves) or through hand movement.

Fields of Application

VR arts


Due to the possibility of creating virtual, immersive and interactive worlds, more and more artists are using VR as an expressive tool.

For several years, the people working in virtual reality have been in competition with each other at the most prestigious film festivals: Venice (Venice VR section), Cannes (Cannes XR section), the Sundance Film Festival (VR free section) and the Tribeca Film Festival (Immersive section).

More and more contemporary art galleries and museums are investing in immersive works, and adding VR products to their collections. Other institutions allow virtual tours or in-depth explorations of exhibitions using VR technologies, where the viewer can become totally immersed within an artwork, studying the details of a painting or interacting with real or fictional objects and characters.

We love creativity and support artists in developing projects and works in virtual reality. Our team of creators, developers and producers work with the latest VR technologies to ensure that we are always at the forefront of storytelling innovation.


Showing your products in virtual reality will provide an immersive and memorable experience, creating unforgettable memories and telling stories about your brand.

You will be able to create immersive and innovative storytelling, and spread an engaging message that will create interest in your brand and enhance your reputation.

Your audience will be able to participate actively in the experience, immersing themselves in an existing environment or in a purely imaginary place, generating a strong emotional connection between brand and customer.

VR event


At trade fairs you can use VR devices to showcase your products in an engaging and interactive way, differentiating yourself from your competitors and attracting a large audience to your stand.

Through VR, you can also recreate an existing trade fair environment or a new world, without any geographical barriers, for an exclusive and collective experience.

To keep costs down, you can create virtual reality events on existing social platforms (like VR Chat) with customised avatars, realistic stands and interactive products.


In training, you can bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, trying out dangerous procedures safely or learning how to operate extremely complex and expensive machinery remotely.

Through distance learning, you can avoid moving people and equipment to specific training locations, saving time and money, but without losing the sense of awareness and presence during simulated activities.

Formazione in VR
Gaming Virtual Reality

Gaming and entertainment

The convenience and low cost of some virtual reality visors is causing the VR gaming market to explode.

Oculus store currently boasts a few original titles, including games and interactive experiences, so there’s room for your idea too!

How to create an interactive experience in VR?

What is the difference between a film production and a real time production?
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