Augmented reality

Digital Content

Into the Real World

Through augmented reality (AR), it’s possible to insert digital content into the surrounding space, enriching sensory perception with information imperceptible to the five senses.

With WebAR technologies, you can experience AR content (games, real-time filters, 3D animations) directly in your smartphone browser without downloading apps.

Fields of Application

realtà aumentata test per marketing


AR projects perfectly create an interactive brand experience to engage your audience wherever they are by bringing digital elements into the physical world.

  • Bring your product packaging to life!
  • Enrich paper documents with 3D animations!
  • Improve interactive games with elements of your brand!

If you sell physical products, you can help your customers understand which product best suits their needs.


Also known as “augmented shopping,” AR Commerce seamlessly combines e-commerce and augmented reality.

It is an increasingly popular sales method that allows the endpoint customer to experience a digital object in physical space before making a purchase.

No app is needed, simply create a 3D object and use WebAR technology directly in the smartphone browser.

AR test

Try an augmented reality example

Find out if the Wagenfeld lamp fits in your room!

Bauhaus lamp 3d ar

Find out if the Wagenfeld lamp fits in your room!

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